Participa en la 10ª edición del Premio Emprendimiento

El ganador se llevará un premio de 15.000 €.

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Participate in the 2nd edition of the Air Traffic Management business ideas contest.

The best idea will win up to €15,000.

Participate in the 2nd edition of the Air Traffic Management business ideas contest.

The best idea will win up to €15,000.

What is the Air Traffic Management business ideas contest?

ENAIRE, through its research center, CRIDA, launches this year the 2nd edition of the Air Traffic Management business ideas contest.

The objective of the contest is to promote entrepreneurial initiative and promote the transformation of business ideas into real companies. To this end, this contest aims to promote and develop ideas in their initial stages.

The contest is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: selection of the 5 best ideas among all ideas submitted. The 3 best ones will receive an economic prize of €5,000, €3,000 and €1,000 respectively. 
  • Phase 2: The five selected ideas will participate in a two-month incubation process in which they will receive business training in order to develop a business plan. The idea with the best business plan will receive a final prize of €10,000.



What is ENAIRE?

In Spain, all aircraft that take off, land or transit through its airspace receive communications, navigation and surveillance services through a modern and complete network of facilities operated by ENAIRE.

In the following infographic they show how air traffic control services are provided, according to the phases of a flight.

Some of Enaire's areas of interest include:

Safe and smooth air traffic

Environmentally sustainable air traffic

Drone traffic integration

Airspace design and organization

Traffic demand and capacity balancing


Artificial intelligence

Intermodal Transportation

Who can apply?

Undergraduate/master's degree students, graduates, doctoral students and potential entrepreneurs who have an idea related to the activity that ENAIRE performs.

The ideas can come from any sector as long as they are potentially developed in the Air Traffic Management environment.

The ideas submitted must be innovative and must not have been launched at the time of submitting the application.


This competition will offer two types of financial awards depending on the stage of the contest.

Finalists: phase 1

Of the five ideas selected, the best three will receive an award based on the score obtained by the selection committee.


First Winner


Second Winner


Third Winner

Winner: phase 2

At the end of the incubation phase, the Selection Committee will analyze the business plans of each of the five finalist ideas and will give each one a score in order for the Jury to choose the winning idea of the contest.


Award for the idea that created the best business plan

What does incubation consist of?

The five selected ideas will receive personalized support in order to improve their business proposals during the contest.

The incubation will take place between February and April 2024. The following activities will be carried out:

0 session

Kick off meeting

Joint videoconference session where the methodology used will be explained in which there will be a round of questions and answers.

0 hours

Lean Startup Mentoring

Individual mentoring by videoconference between each participant and their business mentor with the aim of preparing their business plan, which will be an evolution of the Business Model Canvas presented in the registration phase.

0 modules

Lean Startup Training

Access to the virtual campus with 24 modules of content on entrepreneurship.



31 December 2023

End of programme registrations

Selection of participants

31 January 2024

Announcement of the 5 selected ideas

Finalists - Phase 1

February 2024

Delivery of awards to the 3 best ideas presented


February-April 2024

Sessions with the 5 selected ideas

Winner - Phase 2

June 2024

Delivery of the award to the idea with the best business plan